Bridge lessons

Bridge lessons are being offered by our Club Member Elainne Leach – Bridge Grand Master.

Beginner Lessons

If you are interested in attending the Bridge Beginner lessons or know of anyone who is interested in attending, can you please let me know via email (see below for link).

The Beginner lessons should run for approximately 6 weeks and each lesson should be about 2 hours in duration.

Intermediate Lessons

If you are interested in attending the lessons for Bridge Intermediate players, can you please email me and let me know the following:

  1. The topics you might be interested in covering.
  2. If you would be available on a Thursday morning and what time would suit you.

Queries &/or Bookings: Contact Elainne Leach (Bridge Grand Master)

Ph: 0402 081 506

Email: Elainne Leach

Bridge lessons at Milton bridge Club

Remember, our ‘Regular’ Thursday bridge session starts at 1pm on Thursdays, so we will need to be finished by this time.
Each Intermediate lesson is expected to be 1 ½ hours in duration, and will be run as required.

I will keep you updated on when these lessons will be scheduled.

Private Bridge lessons @ Vivienne’s Home.
Contact Vivienne Ph: 0407 264 665 Email: Vivienne

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